The Climate and Health ANalysis for Global Education Viewer (CHANGE Viewer) was built using NASA World Wind, an open source, 3-D geo-visualization tool. CHANGE Viewer allows the exploration of climate science, human and socio-economic datasets made available through the Data Library.

Computer Requirements:

In order to run CHANGE Viewer on your Windows or Macintosh OSX, your computer must meet certain requirements:

  • a modern graphics card with an up-to-date driver
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0 (required to run any Java application)
  • at least 2GB RAM
  • 30MB available hard disk space
  • An Internet connection

    **As of July 18, 2014, there are known issues launching the CHANGE Viewer with mac iOS greater than 10.6 and Java version greater than 6. The CHANGE Viewer was successfully tested using iOS 10.6 and JVM 6. Unfortunately the newer versions of the mac iOS and JVM have broken the deployment and we are working on a solution to this.

Download Help Guide

Download Quick Guide: CHANGE Viewer Tips


The most common deployment issue is an out-of-date graphics driver. To get an updated driver, visit your graphics card manufacturer's web site. This will most likely be either Nvidia, ATI / AMD or Intel. The drivers are typically under a link named "Downloads" or "Support". If your computer is a laptop, then updated drivers are probably at the laptop manufacturer's web site rather than the graphics card manufacturer.

Saving CHANGE Viewer:

The CHANGE Viewer will launch from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari internet browsers. To launch the CHANGE Viewer from your desktop again in the future, it is best to save the connection to your desktop, or a folder that you will have access to in the future. To do this, follow the steps according to the browser of your choice:

  •     Chrome:  Right click on the Launch button and select Save Link As.
  •     Firefox:  Right click on the Launch button and select Save Link As.
  •     Internet Explorer:  Right click on the Launch button and select Save Target As.

Save the CHANGE_Viewer.jnlp to your desktop or a folder location you will have access to in the future.

Launching CHANGE Viewer:

Launch the CHANGE Viewer from the Beta_WMSLayerManage.jnlp file you saved to the computer, or directly from the Climate Change Human Health website. You will encounter a Warning- Security Message. You want to Run this application. 

To avoid this message in the future, check the box for “Always trust content from this publisher” first and then click Run.

Why use the CHANGE Viewer:

Using NASA World Wind as the platform, climate- and human health-related datasets from NASA, CIESIN and IAGT are accessible to teachers and students. Activities that encourage critical thinking about how a changing global climate will affect disease, food, migration, natural disasters, desertification, and access to water in various parts of the world assist teachers and students in using the CHANGE Viewer. The goal of the CHANGE Viewer is to provide students with a better understanding of climate change related human health issues globally and regionally and better preparing them to be effective leaders in the future. The Climate Mapper tool developed by IAGT and the Population Estimation Service developed by SEDAC, are being merged and made available to both educators and students via the CHANGE Viewer.   Beta Testing: Feedback Form

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